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My ES330TD Guitars new Case - purchased the ES335 Thin/Hollowbody style Case.
its a great case for the price point. it has all that you need. inside is plush and will protect your guitar very well. The box it came in had a plastic wrap around the case which is an added layer of protection. However, the box showed up in pretty ragged condition and had me worried about maring or scratches. Thankfully, the case was not scratched in any way. Would like to see a bit better boxing by either a stronger box to package it all in or some kind of foam inside the box to help support and protect the case in transit durring shipping. Other than that.. I happy with my purchase.

James F.
Apr 10 2021

Great gigging amp - good for Surf Music
Good pedal platform - I use it in a Surf Band and Blues jams - for Blues, prefer EHX OD Glove into the Clean Channel vs the Drive Channel - Reverb is much better than expected too.

Steve C.
Apr 20 2021

Great Sticks For Kids
I got these sticks for my girls to use. They're good for small hands. I'm practicing all the rudiments with sticks of all different shapes and sizes and these are the shortest I have now. They work great. One bummer, they got a chunk crunched out of the butt of one of the sticks, I'm guessing from the mail...

Bob S.
May 2 2021