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If you see one get it.
Excellent build quality , nice chunky neck, and the pups are good, only drawback, they are 10 lbs. Well , mine is 9lbs 12 oz, so I guess its a light one. We saw these a bout 2 years ago. Then they sold out, a friend of mine had one and I played it and loved it. So I waited, every month the website had some new excuse as to why there was no stock. Finally one popped up locally and I picked it up. You will have to watch Ebay and reverb, or your local FB. They show up from time to time.

Dino V.
Feb 13 2022

Gig Bag
good value for money, I have a FireFly SG style guitar in it, and it gives basic protection to travel but you would still want to handle it with care. The back straps are a nice feature also the large front zippered pocket to handle odds and ends.

Kenneth A.
Jan 29 2022

Shipping was fast, arrived when
Shipping was fast, arrived when it was supposed to and no damage.

Kenneth A.
Jan 29 2022