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Artist CB4 Full Size Classical Nylon String Guitar + Bag and Tuner

This pack includes:

  • Artist CB4 Full Size 39 inch Classical Nylon Sting Guitar - Natural
  • Artist BAG39 39 inch Classical and Acoustic Guitar Economy Bag (36 Inch)
  • Artist TN50 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Digital Tuner





Artist BAG39 Economy Model Classical Guitar Bag 39 Inch

Economy Model Classical Guitar Bag. Suits full-size Classical Guitars. It has a pocket to put your strings and music, back pack straps and 5mm padding.

The Tech Features

Model :- Bag 39

Suits :- Classical Guitars (the most common type of Classical), and our smaller bodied LSPS model steel string acoustics

Internal Dimensions :- 103cm Long, 43.5cm Wide ,12cm Deep (as its a bag these sizes are approximate) 

Padding :-5mm 

Features :-Back Pack Straps for easy carrying

Accessories pocket Colour:- Black




About This Tuner

This is a great little tuner for the price. Some of the factors that make this tuner exceptional is the large solid read out, stable precise tuning, and the ability to track really well on low notes (tunes bass guitars really well). 

Will tune any guitar or bass and just about any instrument (It just needs somewhere it can clip on). It includes chromatic mode so you can tune to any note you like (including open tunings and de-tuning).

The Tech Features

Model :- TN50

Style :- Clip on Chromatic Tuner

Battery :- CR2032 (included)

Colour :- Black