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Artist MK002B - Desktop Clamp Attachable Microphone Boom Stand

This is a Desktop mic stand that attaches to a table or bench-top and includes an standard XLR-XLR (male to female) mic cable that runs through the stand, as well as a rubber mic clip (you can also remove this clip and use any standard 5/8'  thread mic clip).

The cable is not removable, but the mic clip can be changed if you want to use a different sized mic.

Ideal for home studios where floor space is an issue, or perfect for keeping a tidy space.  The clamp will attach firmly to any bench or table top up to a thickness of about 55mm.  The boom are is spring loaded for balance but can be locked off at the joints with wing nuts so that you can lock the stand in position.

A pop filter is not included with this item.

The Tech Features


Maximum carry weight:-  1Kg

Maximum Reach:- 950mm

Maximum Clamp Width:- 55mm

Mic Clip Thread:- 5/8 Inch

Construction:- Steel

Cable Length: 7.6 Feet