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Drums have a lot of different components. The main parts are the snare, the bass drum, the toms, and the Cymbals. You can buy drums as kits or separate individual items. The most popular way to upgrade the sound of a standard drum kit is to replace the Cymbals and Drum Skins. Usually, an upgraded cymbal will sound a lot nicer overall, compared to the standard gear. Drum heads are the part that actually makes the majority of the sound from the snare, toms, and bass drum, and are always worth upgrading. 

If you're going to be transporting your drums, it's worthwhile to get a drum bag or hard case. hard cases are much more hardwearing, but Drum bags are better for Travelling. 

if you need help deciding what you're looking for, check out our buying guides, and have a look at the drum section. 

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