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Below, You'll find a lot of links to different content, which should hopefully help answer a lot of questions. If you can't find the right answer here, You Could Follow these links: 

Owners Manuals 

All About Your Guitar

Tuning Guides

Sheet Music & Lessons

Introductory Guitar Guide Does Your Guitar Sound Out of Tune? Find a Guitar Teacher
7 Tips to get started Basic online guitar tuner Online Sheet Music
How to read guitar tab What is a locking tuner? Common Beginner Mistakes
The parts of a guitar How to Stretch Your Strings Video Lessons
Detailed pickup information Violin Online Tuner  
Strings on Artist Guitars How to change your strings like a pro  
  How to tune your Guitar  

Maintenance and Set-up

How to Adjust your Truss Rod

How to tune with a Floyd Rose

Banjo Setup Up Guide

Keyboard Stand Guide

How to Setup MUS008 Music Stand