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P-Bass vs J-Bass

  This is probably one of the most talked about dilemmas and one of the most debated on. No, it is not whether to use your fingers or a pick on bass. It is “which type of bass should you buy?”  For pro players and longtime players, there is no question given that these 2 types of bass guitars have distinct tonal properties, most bassists will t... Read More

Common Mistakes That Guitar Players Make

In this article, I will be discussing some common mistakes that a lot of guitar players do not realize is having an adverse effect on their playing. By being mindful of these, you can be sure not only to learn properly, but also ensure that you will have fun doing so. “Practice Makes Perfect” We have all heard this cliché before and none more ... Read More

Proper Mandolin Setup

Your mandolin setup is critical to the note accuracy and enjoying the playability of your instrument. The setup of the mandolin depends on your preference, however, no matter how you like your action, there are several important points to consider when setting up a mandolin. This article will cover the basics and will serve as an overview to giv... Read More

Guitar Pots: What They Are and Knowing How They Work

  Discussing potentiometers or better known as pots can be quite confusing to a lot of people even for long time musicians. What pots should I use for my volume and tone knob? Is a 500k pot better than a 250k pot? So many questions and a lot of different answers looming over the horizon. We do hope that this simple article will arm you with the ... Read More

Choose the Pickup that's right for you

Here's a great video tool form Seymour Duncan on how to choose the pickup to best suit you and your playing style. To start off, play the video and pick your guitar type. Then follow through to find your style of music you play. Read More

Where to find the best online guitar lessons

We have had a lot of people asking us where to find the best online guitar lessons and learning materials. There is so much available online it can sometimes be difficult to sift through the dirt to find the gold. Here are a few sites that we recommend to new users, and use ourselves!   Guitar: G4 Guitar. This is a local Sydney based music teac... Read More