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Beginners Guide to Drums

Contents ComponentsSize GuideAcoustic or Electronic DrumsAccessories Drum Sticks Drum Heads Bags Upgrades Snare Drum Cymbals Hardware Why Choose an Artist Drum Kit? Components A standard 5 piece drum kit is generally made up of the same components, usually: Kick drum Snare drum 2 x Rack toms Floor tom Hih hat cymbal Crash/Ride Pedal, Stool and Hardware. There are many parts to a full size drum kit. This is the Artist ADR522 in Blue Si... Read More

Electric Guitar Bridges - What the difference?

Bridges for electric guitars can be divided into two main groups, "vibrato" and "non-vibrato" (also called hard-tail). Vibrato bridges have an arm (called the vibrato or whammy bar that extends from below the string anchoring point. It acts as a lever that the player can push or pull to change the strings tension and, as a result, the pitch. This means that this type of bridge produces a vibrato rather than what some call to be tremolo, but th... Read More

What difference does the finish make to my guitar?

This buying guide will explain the differences of guitar finishes. Firstly, there are no such thing as a guitar without a lacquer finish, so please don't ask that question in a guitar store or in front of a Luthier or they will give a strange look, I'm saving you that situation, Muso's in guitar shops can be very funny sometimes. There are two main types of guitar finish: Gloss: these are a thicker glossy, shiny finish that is smooth to tou... Read More

What are the Parts of a Guitar?

Here are some diagrams showing the different parts of the guitar and a quick explanation of what they do.   Artist LSP Steel String Acoustic Guitar   Artist CL Beginner Classical Guitar   Artist STH Beginner Electric Guitar     Notes: Headstock  Houses the Machine heads for adjusting the tension (tuning) of the strings    Machine Heads  Gear mechanism for tensioning (tuning) the guitar strings.   Nut The white se... Read More

How to Choose the Right Guitar for a Child

  The first few months of playing are the most crucial for a child learning guitar, so it's imperative that you choose a beginner guitar to suit them.  If they make it through the first 3 months, then they are much more likely to become a life-long player. This is particularly true of children with a short attention span. If they find it too difficult or uninspiring then they will put it down and, most likely, that’s where it will stay! The b... Read More

Guitar Size Guide

  This is something that a lot of people get wrong. Electric Guitars are much smaller than Steel-String Acoustic Guitars and Nylon String Classical Guitars, they can basically be used by most people, but you do need to consider the extra weight.  Acoustic Guitars are bigger but hollow, whereas Electric guitars are smaller but made of solid wood so can be a little heavier. The correct size is most accurately determined by the player’s height, a... Read More

7 Common Mistakes When Buying Your First Guitar

Often people get inspired to play guitar and jump straight to purchasing something that might not suit them. Here are seven common mistakes people make when buying their first guitar:   Mistake #1. Getting the wrong sound – Classical, Acoustic or Electric? You have 3 basic choices of sound when you buy a guitar: Nylon String Classical Steel String Acoustic Electric A lot of people believe that the best choice is to start on an Acoustic Guita... Read More

How to use youtube to choose the correct guitar

Choosing the right guitar is all about getting something that is a great match. By watching a live video of your favourite band or musician, you can see the type of guitar they play. This will give a better idea of what guitar you should look at buying. For example, this video of Extreme playing the Classic song More than words features a steel string acoustic guitar: This song by Kings of Leon features electric guitars: Here is Bach'... Read More