Pickups in Artist Guitars

If you're curious about the types of pickups we use in our electric guitars, you've come to the right place! This will help you if you're looking to replace your pickups or build a guitar from scratch. There are a few different pickups that you can find in the Artist range. You can see more information about them, including their specifications, below.

Artist Bullbucker Pickups


Based on the popular Jazz and JB models of pickups, these Bullbuckers are suitable for anything from jazz to heavy rock! We're totally in love with these pickups and we think you will be too. For more information about our Bullbuckers, or to buy them, click here.

  • Used in: Artist TC59, Artist LP59, Artist Cherry58, Artist Blackcherry, Artist Brownburst58X
  • Type: Humbucker with coil-split option
  • Product Code: BULLBUCKERNC (Neck), BULLBUCKERBC (Bridge)
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V bar
  • Output: 7.1K, 3.8H inductance (Neck); 15.4K, 9.6H inductance (Bridge)
  • Spacing: 50 mm (Neck); 52 mm (Bridge)

Artist Wrangler Strat-Style Pickups with Artist Logo


This staggered AlNiCo V pickup produces a 60's vintage sound with warmth and a superb clean tone. We've put our logo on these because we think they're really good.

  • Used in: Artist ST62
  • Type: Single-coil
  • Product Code: Mings VSA-N (Neck), VSA-M (Middle), VSA-B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V rod
  • Output: 6.4K, 3.0H inductance (Neck & Middle); 7.2K, 3.7H inductance (Bridge)

Wilkinson MWCHB "Hot" Humbucker Pickups


These brilliant ceramic pickups will give you warm and clear clean tones, full and bright overdriven sounds, and great sustain.

  • Used in: Artist LP60 Guitars
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Magnets: High output, modern ceramic magnets
  • Wax potted for reduced noise & feedback
  • 2 conductor wires for quick and easy install where coil tapping isn't required
  • Output Neck: 7.1K
  • Output Bridge: 13K
  • Pole spacing: 50mm (Neck),  52mm (Bridge)
  • Product Code: MWCHBN (neck) MWCHBB(bridge)

Wilkinson WOVS Strat-style Single-coil Pickups


These are "Vintage voiced" single-coil pickups with classic staggered polepieces.

  • Used in: STH neck and middle positions
  • Type: Single-coil
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 5.8K (Neck and Middle)
  • Pole Spacing: 50mm (Neck and Middle)
  • Product Code: WOVS-N (Neck), WOVS-M (Middle)

Wilkinson WOHHB Humbucker Pickups


This Wilkinson hot ceramic magnet humbucking pickup delivers aggressive, punchy tones that love to be pushed into overdrive! With a beefed-up 14K bridge position you will pull off scorching leads with amazing harmonic response - ideal for the harder rock genre.

  • Used in: Artist STH Bridge Position (without the pickup ring)
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: WOHHB-B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output Bridge: 14K

Mings M-90 P90 Pickups


This is a traditional soap bar P90 pickup, with high power and a fat tone. You'll get the fatness of a good humbucker with the bite of a single-coil pickup.

  • Used in: Artist Grungemaster
  • Type: P90
  • Product Code: M-90N (Neck), M-90B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output Neck: 7.8K, 5.2H inductance
  • Output Bridge: 9.2K, 6.2H inductance

Mings SB1 Strat Style Pickup


This is a low noise dual single-coil pickup with a pronounced midrange and bright tone.

  • Used in: Artist MSL110 Lap Steel
  • Type: Dual single-coil
  • Product Code: SB1
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 7.2K, 5.7H inductance

Mings PHS Humbucker Pickup


This humbucker is warm and rich in the neck position, while bringing out more aggression and higher output in the bridge with a full midrange tone. These pickups have a great natural sustain, handle distortion really well, and provide a smooth overdrive without sounding thin.

  • Used in: Artist Gnosis6
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: PHS-N (Neck), PHS-B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 7.2K, 3.8H inductance (Neck); 16K, 9.6H inductance (Bridge)

Mings HE-P Active Pickups


These active pickups are designed for high-output, and they're suitable for heavier styles of music. The clarity on this pickup under heavy distortion is amazing.

  • Used in: Artist LP6 Stealth and LP6G Cimmerian
  • Type: Active humbucker
  • Product code: HE-P
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 11K, 7.8H inductance

Ninghong PA04 B Humbucker Pickup


This is a hot humbucker pickup with high output for a modern tone. We use this on our EB2, which only has 1 pickup in it for a very punk-rock feel.

  • Used in: Artist EB2 Strat-style guitar
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: PA04 B
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 15.3K, 6.85H inductance

Ninghong HA-01 Strat-Style Pickups


This is a classic but simple Strat-style pickup.

  • Used in: Artist MiniS, STDIY (Neck, Middle & Bridge)
  • Type: Single-Coil
  • Product Code: HA-01
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 5.84K, 2.2H inductance

Ninghong PE-02 LP Humbucker Pickup


This is a humbucker that's just a little hotter than vintage. It will produce warm tones that sound great overdriven.

  • Used in: Artist AG1, LPDIY, LPFDIY
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: PE-02 N (Neck), PE-02 B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 7.93K, 3.81H inductance (Neck); 8.48K, 3.98 inductance (Bridge)

Ninghong PA03 Humbucker Pickup


This is a higher output (i.e. not vintage) humbucker for a more modern sound.

  • Used in: Artist AG45 (Neck and Bridge positions)
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: PA03 N (Neck), PA03 B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 15.05K, 6.8H inductance (Neck);15.3K, 6.85H inductance (Bridge)

Ninghong HB01 Single-Coil Pickup


This is a simple Strat-style pickup that's used in our super-strat guitars.

  • Used in: Artist AG45 (Middle position)
  • Type: Single-coil
  • Product Code: HB01
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 5.81K, 2.2H inductance

Ninghong PC01 7-String Pickup


This 7-string pickup is used in our Artist Spiritus7 guitars. It's great for modern styles of music.

  • Used in: Artist Spiritus7
  • Type: Humbucker
  • Product Code: PC01 N (Neck), PC01 B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 15K, 6.65H inductance (Neck); 17.5K, 8.35H inductance (Bridge)

Xinqi 5JH08 Passive 8-String Humbucker


This is the pickup we use in our 8-string Indominus8. It has a wide midrange with a bright tone.

  • Used in: Artist Indominus8 (Neck and Bridge)
  • Type: Soap bar humbucker - epoxy sealed
  • Product code: 5JH08
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 15.5K, 5.0H inductance

Mings PBAO P-Bass Active Pickup


These are vintage P-bass style pickups with a sweet, clear tone that is rich in harmonics

  • Used in: Artist Vintage Hybrid P-J Style Bass - both fretted and fretless (P-position)
  • Type: Split single-coil with active EQ
  • Product Code: PBAO
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V rod magnet
  • Output: 8.5K, 3.2H inductance
  • Battery Life: 80 hours

Mings JBAO J-Bass Active Pickup


This J-Bass style pickup draws out the vintage mellow and bright jazz tones of the 60s.

  • Used in: Artist Vintage Hybrid P-J Style Bass both fretted and fretless (Bridge Position)
  • Type: Single-coil with active EQ
  • Product Code: JBAO-B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V rod magnet
  • Output: 8.4K, 6.8H inductance (Bridge)
  • Battery Life: 80 hours

Mings PBAO5 5-String P-Bass Style Active Pickup


These are vintage 5-string P-bass style pickups with a sweet, clear tone that is rich in harmonics.

  • Used in: Artist Vintage Hybrid 5-string P-J Style Bass (P-position)
  • Type: Split single-coil with active EQ
  • Product Code: PBA05
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V rod magnet
  • Output: 8.8K, 3.8H inductance
  • Battery Life: 80 hours

Mings JBAO5 5-String J-Bass Active Pickup


This 5-string J-Bass style pickup draws out the vintage mellow and bright jazz tones of the 60s.

  • Used in: Artist Vintage Hybrid 5-string P-J Style Bass (Bridge position)
  • Type: Single-coil with active EQ
  • Product Code: JBAO5-B (Bridge)
  • Magnets: AlNiCo V rod magnet
  • Output: 8.8K, 7H inductance (Bridge)
  • Battery Life: 80 hours

Mings JBH4 Active Bass Pickup


The JBH4 active pickup has a wide midrange and a bright tone. Since it's active, you can shape the tone further with your EQ.

  • Used in: Artist AG105RD Active Bass Neck and Bridge positions
  • Type: Soap bar - epoxy-sealed for hum cancelling
  • Product Code: JBH4-Active (all positions)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 14.2K, 4.3H inductance

Ninghong QA03 and QA05 J-Bass Style Pickups


This is an entry-level set of J-Bass style single-coil pickups.

  • Used in: Artist JB2 J-Bass style bass
  • Type: single-coil
  • Product Code: QA03 (Neck), QA05 (Bridge)
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 6.24K, 4.46H inductance (QA03); 6.58K, 4.5H inductance (QA05)

Ninghong QA01 P-Bass Style Pickup


This is an entry-level P-Bass style split single-coil pickup.

  • Used in: Artist PB2, Artist MiniP, and Artist PB34
  • Type: Split single-coil
  • Product Code: QA01
  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Output: 10.74K, 6.7H inductance