Product Description

Artist AG78V2BK Black Headless Multiscale 8-string Electric Guitar

The AG78V2BK is our upgraded and modified headless fan fret electric guitar, in a gloss black finish. Building off the success of our AG78MS, we have applied various upgrades and modifications to the AG78V2 for improved performance and features. Using our customer feedback we have isolated areas of improvement and the AG78V2 is the result! 

The guitar features a 24-fret multiscale Techwood Fretboard over a Maple Neck. The matte-finished neck ensures speed and comfort for those long reaches and fast runs. The body has a gloss black finish, and we have made ergonomic alterations to the shape to ensure this is comfortable both seated and standing. The “headstock” (or lack thereof) has also been altered in shape, and now features a classy cut-off. 

We have made alterations to the hardware also, and now include a premium locking nut and an improved, top-tier bridge. The bridge and saddles have been upgraded to ensure there are no issues with tuning the guitar and to ensure tuning stability.